End-to-End Prevention

Zero False Positives
Zero-Day Protection
Zero Delays in Time-to-Market

Keeping autonomous cars safe from cyberattacks and physical hacks

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Carwall: Stop Hackers from Getting In

Karamba Carwall autonomous security prevents attacks targeting autonomous cars by automatically sealing electronic control units (ECUs) and car networks, according to factory settings, so only legitimate operations from legitimate sources are allowed.

SafeCAN: Prevent Network Hacks and Enable Secure Over-the-Air Updates

SafeCAN autonomous security prevents attacks targeting in-vehicle networks, by providing automatic, seamless, encryption between selected ECUs, to ensure that only commands from legitimate sources are received by the car’s safety systems.

Block Hackers from Getting In

Carwall Benefits

  • Zero false positives
  • Dropper attacks and buffer overflow exploits prevention
  • Continuous protection - no malware updates required

SafeCAN Benefits

  • Zero network overhead
  • Automatic pairing for authenticated communications
  • Tier-1 agnostic
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Autonomous Security Benefits

Electronic Control Unit
Electronic Control Unit
(ECU) protects itself

The security policy is automatically embedded into the ECU code. Detection and prevention decisions are made locally on the ECU. No connectivity required.

Zero False Positives
Zero false

Patented deterministic algorithms ensure that only legitimate binaries and function calls, based on factory settings, are allowed to run on the car’s ECU. Everything else is blocked. Period.

Negligible Performance Impact
performance impact

The embedded security policy performs real-time inspection of the operations running in the ECU, with minimal CPU and storage footprints that don't require any hardware change.

Support all ECUs
all ECUs

ARM and Intel processors, Linux, QNX, and AutoSAR operating systems and schedulers are supported. Any controller can be protected.

No anti-malware Updates Required
No anti-malware
updates required

Security policy is based on factory settings. No need to update the policy with new, anti-malware signatures.

No Developer Intervention
No developer

Patented algorithm automatically generates the security policy, and is embedded automatically into the ECU software. Developers can focus on developing new features instead of spending resources, flushing out hidden security bugs.

Awards & Recognitions

Gartner's Cool Vendor Award

Gartner 2018 Cool Vendor in IoT Award

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TU Automotive Award

Best Auto Cybersecurity Product 2017 & 2018

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Tech Car Awards

Best Automotive Cybersecurity Solution 2018

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Softshell Vendor Report 2018; Bronze Award

Softshell Vendor Report 2018, Bronze Award

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