Protect Connected Cars from Hackers

  • Detect hackers exploiting security bugs
  • Block foreign code and in-memory attacks
  • Zero-day protection
  • Zero false alarms
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Automated Security

  • Security policy created automatically from factory settings
  • Seal ECUs to avoid exploit of security bugs
  • Zero developer attention
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Security Policy

Carwall automatically creates a security policy based on factory settings. This policy ensures that only legitimate code and valid function calls run on the ECU.


Carwall detects attack attempts as they start. It provides forensic data that details how attackers are trying to exploit the ECU’s security bugs and hack into the car.


Carwall is seamlessly embedded into the software of the ECU. Any foreign code or illegitimate in-memory function calls that are not part of factory settings are blocked.

Zero False

Carwall uses a deterministic algorithm to ensure that only code and function calls that are part of the factory settings are allowed to run on the car’s ECUs. Everything else is blocked. Period.

Zero Developer

Carwall automatically creates and enforces the security policy. It enables developers to focus on developing new features vs. looking for hidden security bugs.


A Carwall retrofit is as simple as a software update. Carmakers can secure controllers in their connected models now, as part of vehicles’ scheduled service.

Karamba’s Unique
Detection and

Karamba Security hardens Electronic Control Units (ECUs) against any type of foreign code. Being on the gate to the connected car, Karamba provides early detection and prevention of vulnerability exploits.

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