Karamba protects ECUs and the in-car communications networks with autonomous, end-to-end security

Karamba Carwall

Seals and hardens ECUs automatically. Carwall generates policies based on factory settings, which are seamlessly embedded into the ECUs’ firmware to prevent any exploit attempts. Carwall:

  • Continuously validates any runtime actions that attempt to run on the ECU to ensure safe operations
  • Rejects any command that is not part of the policy to prevent hackers infiltrating the ECU
  • Ensures only the OEM is allowed to make changes during authorized firmware updates
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Karamba SafeCAN

Authenticates and hardens in-car network communications, automatically establishing trusted communication between ECUs to ensure only legitimate commands are received by the car’s safety systems.


  • Offers seamless encryption between ECUs to protect the integrity of the traffic
  • Ignores any commands originating from invalid ECUs or from physical hacks
  • Operates with zero network overhead - no changes to network protocols, no packets added to the vehicle’s already saturated networks
  • Requires no changes from the Tier-1, when they develop the ECU
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Key Capabilities

Zero False

Karamba automatically generates a security policy based on factory settings – there’s zero ambiguity about what is and isn’t allowed to run, resulting in zero false positives.

Zero Network

In-car authentication that protects against malicious messages sent by unauthorized ECUs. Karamba’s patent pending technology hardens the network without adding any extra packets/traffic to the network.

End-to-End Attack

Karamba allows only authorized code to run on the ECU, identifying and blocking any command that is not authorized, to protect against both in-memory and dropper attacks.


Because Karamba bases its security on factory settings, there’s no need for signature updates. The policy is always current and in-force, helping avoid potential recalls.


Karamba’s security policy is embedded directly into the connected vehicle’s electronic control units. These hardened ECUs can automatically protect themselves locally, with no connectivity required.

Performance Impact

Karamba protects ECUs with negligible performance impact. No changes to ECUs are required - vehicles always operate just as intended.


Karamba is compliant with NHTSA and the SELF-DRIVE Act, among others. Karamba’s detailed incident reports support forensics investigations and accelerate issue resolution to keep vehicles safe.


Karamba can protect any ECU - it is hardware and OS agnostic.

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