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Tokyo, Japan, Connected Car Security Seminar Summary

Karamba Security | July 16, 2017

The Connected Car Security Seminar

Asgent, Inc., Sumimoto’s SCSK Corporation, and Karamba Security hosted the Connected Car Security Seminar on Autonomous Security Products in Tokyo, Japan on July 3rd, 2017. The Seminar featured methodologies behind security protection of Autonomous Vehicles focused on Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

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What Happens When Car Scrapping Goes Wrong?

Karamba Security | July 13, 2017

While it’s nice to think that all cars go to Car Heaven, in reality they go through a scrap metal recycling process. In order to recycle the remains of your vehicle, you need to get a special permit and find an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF).

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Karamba Security Steps up to Cross-industry Calls for Collaboration on Autonomous Car Security

David Barzilai, Chairman & Co-Founder | June 08, 2017

Implementations to Automotive Connectivity

Connected cars increasingly rely on computer processors and upwards of 100 million lines of computer code to operate. With the proliferation of processors and vehicle software the cyberattack surface and sophistication of hacks has grown.

The federal government has ramped up its response with FBI warnings to automakers and consumers to “maintain awareness of potential issues and cybersecurity threats related to connected vehicle technologies in modern vehicles.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released guidelines to ensure automakers are designing cars to be safe against cyberattacks.

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“Cyber for Cars” EcoMotion, Tel Aviv

Karamba Security | May 18, 2017

EcoMotion 2017

EcoMotion is a community with over 700 affiliated organizations related to the Smart Transportation sector. EcoMotion’s 2017 Main Event presented a showcase of vehicle technology companies and a variety of panels and presentations. Ami Dotan, CEO & Co-Founder of Karamba Security, was invited to participate at the “Cyber for Cars” panel to answer paramount questions that concern the automotive cyber security industry.

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A Different Auto Cyber Security

Assaf Harel, CTO & Co-Founder | May 16, 2017

Security bugs in the connected vehicle

In A hacker’s guide to fixing automotive cybersecurity, Charlie Miller puts in perspective which cyber security challenges exist for the automotive industry. The article’s conclusion is that all software -even the most reliable- contains security bugs. Even the ones coming from software mammoths such as Microsoft, Google and Apple. The ramifications of these vulnerabilities in cars, evidently, can be severe.

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