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Karamba's Automotive Hacker Dojo

Jacky Braun, C3 Online Marketing Manager | December 19, 2018
Automotive Hacker Dojo

Karamba’s Automotive Hacker Dojo

The Automotive Hacker Dojo is where you get to see the other side of Smart Mobility innovation - the darker side.

The dojo will provide six different subjects that touch a nerve in the automotive cybersecurity and safety world.

Karamba Automotive Hacker Dojo

Lesson #1: Think Like an Automotive Hacker

Great insights from security researchers into the hacker mentality

Lesson #2: Recent Attacks on Cars, Lessons Learned

2018’s summary of cyberattacks on vehicles and what we have learned

Lesson #3: In-Memory Attacks in Todays’ Connected Cars

In-memory vulnerabilities open critical attack vectors for automotive hackers

Lesson #4: The Automotive Security Evolution

How multilayer security is impacted and impacting automotive development processes and safety considerations

Lesson #5: Preventing Attacks with Control Flow Integrity CFI

Control Flow Integrity is crucial to secure Safety critical components

Lesson #6: Cybersecurity Impact on Automotive Innovation

When building vehicles safety is the #1 thing in mind, but how will cybersecurity coexist with it and create a whole new automotive innovation

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