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Closing 2019 with CES2020 – A Milestone Year for Karamba Security, and Here Comes 2020

Amir Einav, VP Marketing | January 7th, 2020
Looking back and forward

Like clockwork, CES starts tomorrow and marks the beginning of our annual technology cycle. This is the opportunity to look back at what’s been a big year for Karamba, and imagine what’s coming.

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Amazon Blink XT2 Vulnerabilities Show the Need for Built-In Cybersecurity

Karamba Security | December 17th, 2019
fiber optics

Amazon has released a series of patches for the security camera, but relying on customers to install updates and notice rogue commands is no recipe for security.

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The FBI Agrees – IoT Devices Post Hacking Risks, and Better Cybersecurity Vigilance is Needed

Karamba Security | December 11th, 2019

The FBI statements put the onus on the consumer to secure the device, but these devices often come with default passwords and customers can’t always be relied upon to carry out the over-the-air updates the companies send for their devices.

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Survey: Consumer IoT Customers Expect Manufacturers to Embed Security in Devices

Karamba Security | December 8th, 2019

The survey, entitled “Consumer Attitude Towards IoT Security” found that 74% of respondents expected their consumer “Internet of Things” devices to be secured by manufacturers, and as much as 87% believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers to do so.

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What is Host IDPS built with Control Flow Integrity (CFI)?

Karamba Security | November 4th, 2019
birds eye view

There is no such thing as a hermetically sealed connected device and attackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in code and ways to exploit them. With host IDPS built with Control Flow Integrity though, vehicle ECUs have a state-of-the-art cybersecurity tool to defend themselves.

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For Cybersecurity, it’s That Time of the Year Again

Assaf Harel, Karamba Security Chief Scientist | October 6th, 2019
blue squares

The “hacking season” follows DEFCON and BlackHat each Summer, as hackers work to exploit newly-disclosed vulnerabilities before customers can install patches. This cycle gives hackers a clear advantage and it’s time for a paradigm shift.

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Q&A Twitter Session with Our Chief Scientist Assaf Harel

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