Runtime Security For Industry 4.0

Automatic, embedded security that enables smart factory controllers to detect and stop attacks

What Is The Problem?

With great innovation comes great risk. Industry 4.0 systems generate an immense amount of data to power their operations and the cloud-based storage systems that house the data are highly susceptible to attacks. Once inside, malicious actors can disrupt and paralyze entire systems by injecting code or commands to PLCs, altering their well-planned, fine-tuned operations.

Business disruption, direct liability and ransomware are just a few of the potential outcomes of losing control over these software defined systems.

Attacks can go far beyond ransomware attempts. They can disable factories, schools, and shopping centers, and take down an entire power grid.

Newly connected edge devices expose the entire business to risks, providing hackers with a point of entry from remote connected machines, where they can steal data and severely disrupt business operations.

How It Works

At Karamba Security we specialize in automatically embedding a layer of cybersecurity detection and prevention inside industrial systems. Our approach is a comprehensive security solution that is automatically embedded and works without any operation or updating required, and without requiring users to expend time or manpower to monitor suspicious activity.

XGuard automatically hardens end points within your network that might be targeted and ensures that it continues to operate as designed even if under cybersecurity attack. Each such device is strengthened with an immutable security policy that defines the “known good” and protects in runtime the integrity of the software. Any deviation from your original factory settings is detected and can be shut down as XGuard instantly mitigates risks and finds and blocks attempts to hijack the operations of Industry 4.0 controllers.

Karamba was founded as an automotive cybersecurity company, providing a comprehensive security solution for connected automobiles. With more than 100 million lines of code in a connected car, these are some of the most sophisticated machines in the world and our track record safeguarding these machines shows what we can bring to the table for the world of Industry 4.0.

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Massive Data

Industry 4.0 infrastructure is driven by immense amounts of data. This data can be highly lucrative for attackers of all types, who target smart systems and constantly look for weaknesses to exploit.

Karamba's deterministic Runtime Integrity eliminates the risk of false positives, detection delays, and performance drag—issues that typically hinder cybersecurity implementation.

Threats At Scale

Industry 4.0 promises to revolutionize the productivity of modern manufacturing across industries as varied as automotive, energy and utilities management, and oil and gas. Unfortunately, it isn't just industry that's on board - hackers have also made note of the opportunities.

Compromised security in such environments can have a watershed effect that goes far beyond the bottom line of an individual company.


ECU Protects Itself


Does not require any developer intervention or alterations to your current software tools and lifecycle. Karamba Runtime Integrity runs independently at all times – out of sight and out of mind.

Zero False Positives

Negligible Performance Impact

Designed for embedded systems, Karamba XGuard uses a patented method to integrate into your device and is capable of providing runtime integrity validation with minimal performance impact of less than 5% on CPU and 10% on memory.

Supports all ECUs

Designed For Embedded Systems

Karamba’s security solution was forged in the quality-oriented automotive industry. It is easy to deploy, blocks the most sophisticated attacks and requires no additional manpower or equipment. With Karamba’s comprehensive solution, security is built-in.



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