Preventing IoT Cyberattacks with Seamless Hardening

The IoT device is an innovative offering that has tremendous impact on many industries. Connectivity with the internet provides great new functionality, updateability and the potential for new revenue streams.

But IoT devices come with the risks of cyberattacks. While the connected device has specific and well-defined functionality, an attacker can inject malware to take control of the device, steal data or use the device in an unexpected way, with negative impacts on your brand and the aspired new business.

In Karamba we specialize in preventing cyberattacks in this emerging cyber-physical connected world with a "Security by Design" approach. The Autonomous Security solution hardens the device firmware through automatic policy generation that is seamlessly embedded in the device, creating End-Point Immunity. Based on years of experience on automotive platforms, this prevention security has negligible performance impact even in the typically low-power, low-compute and limited-storage environments of IoT.

Karamba in-memory protection assures software integrity in real time, and prevents buffer overflow exploits by maintaining original program flow over the life of the devices. Karamba's IoT device hardening assures the essential first layer of defense for any IoT device as well as providing full visibility on cyber incidents and code vulnerabilities.

Autonomous Security Benefits

In-memory attack prevention
In-memory attack
Zero-Day protection
Negligible performance impact
performance impact

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