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Karamba Carwall ® hardens ECU functionality based on factory settings—to block attacks, even unknown threats.
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Karamba Carwall:
ECU Protection Blocks
Hackers at the Gate

Karamba Carwall automatically hardens your electronic control units (ECUs) based on factory settings, eliminating the risks of false positives, detection delays, and performance drag—issues that typically hinder vehicle security.

Blocks In-Memory Attacks

Performing lightweight Control Flow Integrity (CFI), Carwall continuously monitors function calls and return pointers to ensure your ECU programs stay within the expected execution flow. If the program deviates from factory settings, Carwall detects a fileless threat and blocks the command.

Stops Malicious Downloads

Carwall automatically generates and enforces an application whitelist to prevent dropper attacks. If an application attempts to load, and it does not exist in your list of approved signatures, Carwall stops it from loading.

Lifts the Burden off Your Developers

During the build process, our patented technology autonomously maps all call sequences to create your customized security policy. It requires little or no effort. And unlike other security, there’s no need for constant updates.

Ensures Top Performance

While most security imposes a heavy footprint, Carwall runs in resource-limited systems—within the ECUs’ performance requirements. Our patented algorithms ensure there is no performance drag. There is no need for heavy processing or continual security updates.

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Carwall Advantages

ECU Protects Itself

Protects Itself

Carwall security is embedded in the ECUs—so threat protection is local, autonomous and always on. There are no updates required and no dependencies on the vehicle’s connectivity to the cloud.

Zero False Positives

Eliminates Detection Errors

Our deterministic algorithms are inherently precise. Only legitimate function calls and authorized apps are permitted to run. Everything else is blocked. There are no false positives.

Supports all ECUs

Supports all ECUs

Carwall can protect any ECU—it’s hardware and OS agnostic. It supports ARM, Intel, Infineon, TriCore, and PowerPC processors; Linux, QNX, and AUTOSAR operating systems. Karamba is also compliant with NHTSA, the SELF-DRIVE Act, and others.

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White Paper

What is autonomous security and how does it provide superior runtime integrity protection? In this white paper, we explain how deterministic methods harden the runtime environment to prevent system hacking.


Supported Platforms

Karamba’s XGuard features CFI, whitelisting, on-premise or cloud-based management, customizable reporting and forensics. Plus it’s easy to deploy, and supports almost any platform, build environment, and architecture.


XGuard One Pager

XGuard is OS agnostic, and compatible with a wide range of platforms out-of-the-box. The platform includes both an embedded agent and cloud-based monitoring.

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