Karamba XGuard Monitor

Manage Security at Scale

Karamba XGuard Monitor

Leveraging the XGuard embedded agent, Karamba XGuard Monitor provides continuous security awareness and Detect and Response for IoT device operation.

IoT-Specific Detect & Response

XGuard Monitor detects a wide variety of device-focused security incidents, such as command injection and access manipulation, with a proliferation of security indicators, and it provides root cause analysis of suspicious behavior.

Device2Cloud Efficient Architecture

XGuard Monitor works within the connectivity limitations of the device, with unique adaptive traffic management between local, real-time, rules and comprehensive, cloud-level analytics.

Actionable Intelligence

Merging device and security know-how, XGuard Monitor provides interfaces to the security operations center (SOC) for high-fidelity alerts on abnormal behavior on the device, as well as secure access for a rapid incident response process.


XGuard Monitor Security Advantages

ECU Protects Itself

Deep Security & Visibility

XGuard Monitor can analyze and monitor a vast array of IoT-specific threats, with granular indicators -- even the most difficult ones with short Time To Detect.

Zero False Positives

Seamless Deployment

XGuard Monitor can easily collect events from a wide variety of devices and systems, leveraging the XGuard embedded security agent, and it can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, as needed.

Supports all ECUs

Cost Effective Solution

Providing high-granularity information to the SOC, XGuard Monitor's unique approach improves the overall signal-to-noise ratio and accelerates SOC investigation time, decreasing Time To Resolve.

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