Embedded Security Platform

Deep visibility into the code, the attack, and the vulnerability

Karamba XGuard:
A Foundation
of Embedded Security

With the XGuard platform, runtime applications are capable of protecting themselves against cyberattacks.

Patented, Automatic Policy Generation

Automatically builds a function calling graph of all function calls and returns. Automatically detects all legitimate binaries, including executable files and hardens the system according to the discovered “known goods.”

Event Reporting layer

Provides deep forensics of attack attempts, dramatically-shortening root cause analysis time.

Patented Portability Middleware

Minimal effort addition of new OS and chip platforms to the supported environments. XGuard's patented middleware abstracts the integration layer to the chip and OS layers, enabling the security platform to be de-facto CPU and OS agnostic.


Karamba XGuard platform includes built-in checks, which prevent modifications of its binaries or removal of its functions.

Karamba XGuard platform

XGuard Secure Visibility Platform Advantages

ECU Protects Itself

Automatic Build

Requires zero developer intervention or updates during the software development lifecycle. Karamba XGuard fits into off-the-shelf and proprietary build environments.

Zero False Positives

Improve Software Quality

Karamba has the unique ability to record and report deep root cause analysis details to security forensics personnel, so that code owners can identify vulnerabilities which hackers attempt to exploit.

Supports all ECUs

Negligible Performance impact

Optimized for embedded systems, the automatic full-image analysis enables runtime protection with less than 5% CPU overhead and 10% image size on disk.

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White Paper

What is autonomous security and how does it provide superior runtime integrity protection? In this white paper, we explain how deterministic methods harden the runtime environment to prevent system hacking.



Karamba’s platform features CFI, whitelisting, on-premise or cloud-based management, customizable reporting and forensics. Plus it’s easy to deploy, and supports almost any platform, build environment, and architecture.


Runtime Integrity at a Glance

How does Karamba prevent hacking attempts? See a diagram of connected systems cybersecurity. Learn how Karamba eliminates the risks of false positives, performance drag, and security gaps.

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