In-Vehicle Network Security

Karamba SafeCAN ® fortifies in-vehicle networks with zero network overhead

Karamba SafeCAN:
Secures Car Networks Without
Burdening Your Developers

SafeCAN is a patented ultra-light network security solution that authenticates and encrypts communications between ECUs—with zero network overhead.

Secures Network Traffic

SafeCAN validates the sender and data integrity of every message, blocking communication from unauthorized ECUs and physical hacks. SafeCAN also authenticates in-vehicle communications to prevent over-the-air (OTA) malware downloads.

Eliminates Network Overhead

SafeCAN adds zero network overhead by exchanging encryption keys at the factory, unlike solutions that swap keys while the car is running. Other technologies also add network traffic by sending extra validation messages. SafeCAN circumvents this by embedding validation data in the redundant bits of every message—to avoid adding payloads.

Minimizes Cost and Effort

SafeCAN is backward compatible so you do not need to make any changes to the ECU application, network protocols or chipset. It is hardware agnostic and requires no changes to the message format. Most importantly, it will not burden your already-saturated car networks.

Provides Flexibility

SafeCAN secures any number and any type of serial data buses, including CAN, LIN, MOST and FlexRay. This is an advantage over solutions that limit security to CANs and critical safety systems. SafeCAN also enables selective security deployment on some but not all ECUs. Plus you can secure communications between different types of buses.

SafeCAN in-vehicle security animation

SafeCAN Advantages

Blocks Network Attacks

Blocks Network Attacks

SafeCAN allows only authorized messages to run on ECUs. By authenticating every message and sender, it defeats network threats like ECU impersonation, replay attacks, bit flipping, and message tampering.

No Performance Drag

No Performance Drag

From message-level encryption to strong authentication, SafeCAN removes the burden on your vehicle’s limited-resource systems. Our patented technology is specifically designed to add zero network overhead.

Non Stop Protection

Delivers Non-Stop Protection

SafeCAN hardens network communications based on messages sealed and encrypted at the factory—so there’s no need for updates. Autonomous Security is always current and in force, reducing the risk of a recalls.

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White Paper

In this white paper, we present an innovative approach for message authentication that overcomes technical barriers. SafeCAN hardens in-vehicle networks against unauthorized activity—with zero overhead.


SafeCAN at a Glance

How does encrypted authentication harden in-vehicle networks? SafeCAN ECUs validate and accept only encrypted data from authorized sources. All other commands are blocked.

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