Are Your ECUs Vulnerable?

Karamba ThreatHive™ finds ECU vulnerabilities—so you can fix them before production

Karamba ThreatHive:
Lowers the Costs of Detecting
and Analyzing Security Gaps

Karamba ThreatHive operates as a threat intelligence command center. We deploy honeypots globally to identify and track real-world cyberattacks as they exploit vulnerabilities in your ECUs firmware and infrastructure. By creating shielded replicas of your ECUs, we see exactly where malware penetrates and what it does.

Expedite Discovery
Malware tests your ECU weaknesses nonstop. Our cloud service records and examines any attack activity to provide detailed threat forensics. With our insights, you can fix ECU vulnerabilities and logical errors during design, long before the production phase.

Receive Actionable Data
Our global system of honeypots runs continually, collecting threat data to identify your security gaps. The dashboard and aggregated reports provide details on hacking attempts, including an attack timeline and a rundown of the types of threats and systems targeted.

Reduce Costs
ThreatHive is a cost-efficient way to complement and expedite penetration testing during development stages. No longer do you need to rely on costly, time-consuming pen testing during development, or the subsequent delays in your time-to-market.


ThreatHive Advantages

Forsee Attacks

Expose Vulnerabilities

ThreatHive discovers and analyzes:

  • Vulnerable encryption keys
  • Password mishandling
  • Invalid data
  • Open SSH ports
  • Buffer overflows
  • And more
Gain Insights

Gain Insights

With shared forensics and custom honeypots deployed across North America, Europe and Asia, you gain a global view of active threats. ThreatHive’s dashboard and reports allow you to prioritize and track threats over time and drill down to in-depth threat analysis.

Build Safer Vehicles

Build Safer Vehicles

Vehicle software is continuously gaining sophistication, creating new threat vectors in the process. With ThreatHive, you’ll receive actionable security data to fix bugs and logical errors—closing security gaps that could allow hackers to infiltrate.

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