Embedded Application Whitelisting

Automatically built, prevents loading of unauthorized executables

Karamba XGuard Whitelisting:
Deterministically Prevents The Loading
Of Unsigned Executables

Application whitelisting is not a new idea in security, and in a confined application the “known good” list is a very effective security measure against dropper attacks.

Hackers looking to upload new scripts, binaries or libraries into memory during runtime will be blocked, as the whitelisting compares each executable with the contents of the authorized list.

Karamba's secret sauce is the automatic process to map and build this whitelist. In very large applications with thousands of executables, only an automatic and granular building of the whitelist is practical to protect the code.

Given the dynamic nature of the supply chain, Karamba XGuard Whitelisting has a built-in mechanism to allow external signed binaries from third-party suppliers as well as update diffs from the image authority.

Karamba XGuard Whitelist

XGuard Whitelisting Advantages

ECU Protects Itself


Embedded security Whitelisting is immutable and always on. Only preapproved files can upload into memory, preventing executing of unknown scripts, libraries and binaries. No cloud connectivity is required.

Zero False Positives


The “known good” approach provides a deterministic algorithm which is inherently precise. Only legitimate files can execute to runtime memory. Unauthorized droppers are blocked.

Supports all ECUs

Configurable Outcomes

Prevents unauthorized file load attempts as soon as they are detected.

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