The Hacking Challenge of the Year - RiCAN Morty - at DefCon 26 2018

Assaf Harel, Chief Scientist & Co-founder | July 23, 2018
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Are you ready for DefCon 26? We are! If you want to participate in our challenge we recommend you to sign up on time.

This year Karamba Security prepared a very special challenge for you. We will test your skills and see if you have what it takes to get inside the CAN. We have prizes for the top players including a GoPro Karma Drone for the first one to beat all five levels of the challenge. The challenge will take place, Friday 10th to 12th of August, in the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is a preview of what awaits in store.

RiCAN Morty Challenge

The RiCAN Morty Challenge

Remember when RiCAN turned himself into a pickle (secretly to get out of going to family therapy)?. First, he got kicked off the table by the house cat. Then, he rolled down the sewage. Having no arms or legs he decided to take control of a cockroach’s body to be able to walk out of there. Morty is in family therapy, so he can’t help.

Now, RiCAN can’t remember where he left the portal gun so he decides to hack into a nearby car - help him connect his brain through the OBD port to get control of the Karamba RoboCar and drive off to family therapy (he changed his mind about family therapy).

Now it is your duty to help him break into the CAN Bus and impersonate the Bus command messages to gain control of the vehicle’s safety-critical functions - steering and braking - Once you can take control of the car you will have to show RiCAN how to drive off in the meanwhile a few surprises are thrown at you.

FYI don’t get offended if he keeps on calling you Morty.

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