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Why will 2019 be a great year?

Amir Einav, VP Marketing | December 31, 2018
Automotive Hacker Dojo

Why will 2019 be a great year?

As we close 2018 let me share a prediction- Karamba Security, and Automotive Cybersecurity in general, are heading towards a great year.

Karamba Automotive Hacker Dojo

My confidence comes from the momentum we see in the closing of 2018, when more and more OEMs stress the importance of in-vehicle security implementations and specifically ECU protection, and from the realization that automotive cybersecurity is now a clear market need.

A few 2018 events that have helped the OEM to adopt this transformative thinking:

  1. Real attacks by white hat hackers (such as Keen Labs) successfully penetrated the car by compromising externally connected ECUs. Such vulnerabilities were exploited in BMW and Audi/VW, to influence the vehicle behavior- steering and speed.

  2. The total cost of ownership for deploying network security, and the required analyst/response team, was better understood. While detection/response is part of the best practices, the built-in security of ECU hardening, already during production, was appealing.

Karamba’s technologies, which were demonstrated successfully in our 2018 customer’ engagements, proved the effectiveness of embedded Control Flow Integrity (CFI) to prevent the exploit of unknown, hidden security vulnerabilities. But it is not just us. Ideally for Karamba, in October 2018, Google announced Android 9 with support for CFI in kernel level. And while it is not as a complete solution as Karamba’s, which hardens the entire stack and applications, such attestation from a top security team is great a backwind.

Karamba Automotive Hacker Dojo

And 2019 is promising to be even more impactful for cybersecurity in the automotive industry. Again- external forces are driving the momentum. This year we will see the US Congress regulate Autonomous Vehicle deployments. Cybersecurity is part of all drafts and clearly a safety concern given the elimination of the driver, the ultimate cyber-physical buffer.

Related to that, we will see the publication of the ISO Automotive Cybersecurity standard (ISO21434). Karamba is a member of few working groups of this distinguish committee and can see how Security by Design is becoming fundamental approach for developing a modern ECU.

And of course, there is a critical contribution to internal forces; the expanding Karamba team, the “can do” spirit and our passionate investors, all are driving us to excel and capture the market opportunity.

So, 2019 is heading in the right direction and this is encouraging, both for Karamba Security as well as for the industry. We truly believe that stronger automotive cybersecurity is helping this great industry to capitalize on the biggest transformation since Henry Ford’s model T; the connected, electric, autonomous vehicle.

Happy New Year and see you at CES next week

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