IoT Hacking Dominates the Dark Web, Cybersecurity for Medical Devices, and Much More: The Top Product Cybersecurity News for This Past Week

Karamba Security | September 20th, 2019
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A look at some of the top stories from this past week in the world of automotive, IoT, Industry 4.0, and Enterprise Edge product cybersecurity.

Hacking Routers, Webcams, and Printers are Most Searched Keywords on Dark Web (Inc42)

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Research finds that in Dark Web forums in five languages, hacking of IoT devices is one of the hottest topics of discussion. Most requested hacking methods were for routers, webcams, and printers.

More Than 15,000 Webcams Can Be Hijacked Through a Simple Internet Connection (IT Pro)


White hat hacker states that AXIS net cameras, Cisco Linkys webcam, and WebCamXP 5 software are all susceptible to these attacks and can be manipulated remotely by a malicious actor.

Cybersecurity of Medical Devices is on FDA’s Agenda (The National Law Review)

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At meeting, The Patient Engagement Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Association focused on how to communicate cybersecurity risks to patients, ruling there is no one-size-fits-all approach that is suitable to all patients. The committee also discussed when to disclose cyber risks to the public, so as to not present new attack targets for hackers.

New Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Data Center Network Manager Could Allow Remote Code Execution (SystemTek)


Attacker could exploit vulnerability CVE-2019-1620 by uploading specially crafted data to the affected device. If successful, attacker could write arbitrary files on the file system and execute code with root privileges on the affected device.

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